Let me count the times that I have put on my skinny jeans to only be disappointed by the spillage of fat over the waistline. Now understand, I am a dieter and exercise aficionado from way back, practically my whole life or at least it seems like it has been my whole life. Unfortunately, diet and exercise can shrink the size of your fat cells, but doesn’t eliminate the fat cells.

Until recently, body contouring was achieved by liposuction, an invasive and painful procedure that removes fat cells surgically. Over the past few years, technology has progressed to freezing, radio frequency, and ultrasound to reduce the fat stores minus the invasive surgery, downtime. Our office offers three of these technologies Zeltiq Coolsculpting, Exilis & Liposonix. They have been successful for many patients in reducing abdomen fat and “muffin tops.”

Enter the “Game Changer,” Vanquish….

  • Non-invasive, doesn’t even touch your skin
  • No downtime, no bandages, no recuperation
  • Painless, just a warm sensation
  • Long-lasting fat reduction, grab your skinny jeans
  • Most important Charlotte Skin & Laser has it!

Is that really possible, you ask? Definitely. Vanquish uses target radio frequency to heat only the fat cells in the area being treated. This means the skin, muscles, and organ tissue remains unaffected and cool, while the fat layer is reduced up to 60% in 4 treatments.

The process requires 4 treatments spaced 1 week apart. Each treatment last 30 minutes. Your initial assessment will take a little more time for measurements & weight.Patients report a “warm sensation” like one would get from a heating pad or standing close to a heat source (fireplace or heater). The side effects are minimal ranging from mild redness to slight swelling over the area treated for a day or two. Watch Dr. Rostan’s Vanquish video to learn more.


Not only is Charlotte Skin & Laser excited about Vanquish, but the medical community is already weighing in on this newest addition to the fat attack arsenal. Click the link below to read the article in the most recent Aesthetic Guide about Vanquish:


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