I have just returned from a trip to southwest France (midi- Pyrenees) to visit Pierre Fabre skin care company and research facilities including the source of the Avene products – a village called Avene, France.  All Avene products have high concentrations of the Avene thermal spring water – known for its healing properties for the skin since the late 1700’s when it opened its baths to visitors to heal skin disease. Today, over 3000 patients visit yearly to benefit from the healing properties of the natural spring water that is unlike other spring waters with its unique mineral content and low sodium content.

Fortunately, you can enjoy the healing, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of this water as all Avene products contain the thermal spring water and are packageed right at the source of the water in the Pyrenees mountains of France. There are wonderful products for eczema, dry/sensitive/allergic skin, psoriasis, rosacea, acne, wound healing and anti-aging. Come in today to learn more about these wonderful skin care products from France.

Avene rosacea education day is April 12th at our office.  Receive a free rosacea travel kit with purchase of any 2 Avene rosacea products. Viva la France!

Pierre Fabre Headquarters
Pierre Fabre headquarters
Dr Rostan at Pierre Fabre headquarters
Dr Rostan at P.Fabre’s winery
At the Pierre Fabre Botanical Conservatory
 avene7 avene8 avene9
Conservatoire bontanique
Pierre Fabre
Le Domaine du Carla
Domaine du Carla where we had
dinner and spent the night
Chambre 11 – my room
view from my room in the
morning at Hotel Carla
Small village in the Pyrenees
en route to Avene
 avene16  avene17 avene18
on the Pon du diable – Devil’s Bridge
Factory in Avene where water
is put directly into products
Dr. Rostan at the thermal spring
water research facility, Avene
Feeling more vibrant already after
drinking the Avene spring water
Hydrotherapy bath of Avene
thermal spring water
Relaxation room at
hydrotherapy center
Avene hydrotherapy
center and grounds
Village of Avene
Avene, France
Avene, France
At the medieval city of
Carcassone–tourist activity!

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