Pawleys Island, South Carolina

Growing up, we spent weeks at the beach–always playing in the sun, water and sand.  I would come home and be so dark & tan. I rarely ever got burned-which many found unusual since I have fair skin and light blonde hair.  I always wore sunscreen, but it didn’t matter much, I still got very tan.  Looking back, that is probably because it was an SPF 8 or 15 and didn’t have zinc in it!

After almost 8 months of working at Charlotte Skin & Laser, I knew I had to be more careful!  I still wondered what would happen—would I still get really tan despite all my new sunscreens to try?  Would I miss my tan?

I lathered up every day in sunscreen that was extremely water resistant and high in zinc.  I reapplied many times a day, I sat under an umbrella, went inside for breaks.  I didn’t burn and managed to just get a slight tan.  Nothing like I used to!  And to help out- I used a self tanner daily.

It was a very different year for us! Instead of baking in the sun, I was the one lecturing everyone on sunscreens and being sure everyone reapplied.  I have seen people come into the office after years in the sun and I see the damage that they want to fix. It isn’t always fixable! And if it is, it can be very costly.  I don’t want to have to go through that!  So now, I am much more cautious and take the best care of my skin daily and when I’m in out in the sun.

My favorite products that I used while at the beach:

Elta Sport: held up while swimming and playing bocce ball!

Elta UV Aero: I used this on my legs, but also found that most of the men liked to use it all over.

SunSmart: I found this to be a great overall sunscreen.

CS&L Sheer Physical Spray: so easy to apply & rub in!

CS&L Advanced Anti-Photoaging SPF 45: I love this for my face!!

Avene Spring Water: this stuff is amazing! Click here to read my product review on it!

My sister really loved the Blue Lizard Baby for the kids.

I think an overall favorite was the Charlotte Skin & Laser Sheer Physical Spray! It feels great and isn’t too greasy.  You just spray some on and rub it in, so simple!

For all of you that think you need a tan to feel pretty—reach for a bottle of self tanner or head to spray tan booth! If you say you can’t help getting tan, at the beach—you can!

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