Spring Awakening for Your Skin

After a long winter, your skin may seem lusterless, dry and dull. As you (hopefully) store away those heavy winter sweaters and refresh your spring wardrobe with lighter fabrics and brighter colors, consider brightening and refreshing your skin as well.

Dry dull skin can be refreshed with a series of light chemical peels and facials. Exfoliating peels can renew the upper layer of skin and clear pores giving your skin a fresher look and feel. Many of these light peels can be done with very little downtime or peeling. Some of our favorites at Charlotte Skin & Laser are the Priori® peel which renews with little or no peeling and is great for immediate freshening and the Vi peel™ which has little downtime but nice results especially for skin prone to acne or discolorations. Hydrating facials and masks can make even the driest skin more supple and soft. Carefully chosen products for home use can extend that fresh facial feeling and appearance.

Time and sun damage can result in skin blemishes including redness, broken blood vessels, pigment blotches and texture irregularities. Laser or light treatments can significantly improve these changes often with little or no downtime and minimal discomfort. As an added benefit, these treatments stimulate collagen renewal in the skin giving a long term boost in skin texture and resiliency. Laser treatments are an important part of an anti-aging plan for your skin. I will discuss some of the most popular, non-invasive laser options for the treatment and maintenance of healthy, vibrant skin.

Intense pulse light treatments, also know as Photofacial or IPL, direct broad spectrum light to the skin targeting redness and capillaries as well as brown splotches and freckles. A series of 3- 5 gentle treatments results in smoother, more even skin that looks better without makeup. These treatments are among the most popular because they improve the skin via dual action without a lot of fuss.

Your red face does not have to be a feature that you constantly camouflage. For rosacea skin or skin that is prone to redness, broken blood vessels and flushing, we recommend the pulsed dye laser or Vbeam laser. Vbeam laser is also great for scars and removing red marks left behind after acne spots. Patients are thrilled with the improved appearance and comfort of their skin after Vbeam laser reduction of capillaries and flushing. There is no need to hide behind heavy makeup or skip the exercise classes!

Freckles may bring to mind a “girl-next-door”, athletic, cute image but they represent sun damage and, as we age, an increased number of freckles and brown spots can conceal our skin’s natural glow and tone. Skin care products alone are often not enough to remove these discolorations. A very popular and easy treatment is the GentleLase which lightens spots to reveal more even and youthful skin. The only downtime is some mild darkening of freckles for about 5 days that can be easily covered with makeup.

Early correction and maintenance are critical aspects of all of these treatments. As changes in skin become more advanced and deeper wrinkles form, there is less benefit in these minimal downtime treatments and more aggressive laser procedures are needed to get best results. I like to think of these treatments as part of a “fitness” plan for your skin combined with a healthy lifestyle, sun protection and great skin care products. Just like our wardrobes – Spring is a great time to renew and refresh your skin!

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