About a week ago, Scooter got to sit down with Blakeley (from ABC’s The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad) and get some scoop on her life.

Scooter: Thanks so much for coming by Blakeley! You look gorgeous as usual.

Blakeley: I am so excited to be here! I love your bowtie!

So Blakely tell me, what do you like to do, besides go on dating shows/reality TV?

Well Scooter, I enjoy working out and DIY projects. I played volleyball for years so I still like to do that.

What is your favorite TV show? Do you watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette?

I like to watch Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad when I know people that are going to be on it.  I really love reality TV- especially shows like Jersey Shore and Real Housewives.  And I love Honey Boo Boo- it is so funny and shows their real personalities.

Are you dating anyone special? It is a tough dating world out there. Would you recommend the Bachelor? Would you do it again?

I would NOT do the Bachelor again! But I would definitely do Bachelor Pad again.

I am dating someone very special. Tony, who was my partner on Bachelor Pad and on Emily Maynard’s season of the Bachelorette.  He is amazing.  I am actually moving to Oregon to be with him.  He also has a five year old son named Taylor who is so sweet.

Rumor has it that you have a Chihuahua, girl or boy? Would he/she like a play date with me?

Halo is my little baby! She is a long hair teacup Chihuahua. She would love a play date with you Scooter!

Your skin is so gorgeous, what do you do?  Any anti-aging tips/secrets you can share with me?

I wash my face 4 times a day-seriously!  I have for years now. I think that is what helps so much.  I believe in preventative skin measures.  Take care of it now and you don’t have to do something serious later! I use a retinol, an antioxidant, and a sunscreen daily!

I also love your hair—how do you do it?

Well I have a great hair person! But I also use dry shampoo (called Pssst!).  The best way to do it for challenges on Bachelor Pad was back in a pony tail with a headband.   I really enjoy doing hair and make-up so it was fun to help some of the other girls out when I was on the Bachelor.

You also always happen to have on some amazing outfits…where do you shop? My sister Lucy could use some tips to broaden her wardrobe.

My go-to shop in Charlotte is Lotus.  Effie Loukas is amazing! She has helped me with so many outfits for events.  Everything in that store is incredible and different.

I love that tattoo on your arm! Is it new? I’ve been thinking about getting one…

Why thank you Scooter! This one is new, the other one I have had for awhile. The first one has a line from 1st Corinthians.  It reminds me to love myself first and that I’m the only one with the key to my heart.  The second one is an anchor. It reminds me that I am grounded and that I can now fully open up to the opportunity of falling in love.  I know that you can get hurt, but you can get over it and survive it.

Thank you for sharing so much with me Blakeley! You really are a wonderful girl.  Gorgeous and sweet- you are the whole package. I wish you luck on your journey to Oregon and your life with Tony! Call me when you come back to visit!


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