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by MICHELLE BOUDIN / NewsChannel 36 Staff

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Some local tanning bed salons are calling on customers to fight a bill pending in the North Carolina legislature that would make it illegal for teens to tan, even with their parents permission.

Dr. Elizabeth Rostan is a Charlotte dermatologist who says the reason the younger you start to tan, the more likely you are to get skin cancer.

“There is an epidemic of melanoma and it’s showing up in younger women,” Rostan said.

That’s why a North Carolina Senator, who is also a former pediatrician, introduced a bill last month that would not allow teens to tan despite with parental consent.

Moms NewsChannel 36 talked to were ok with that.

“I’ve had melanoma in the past,” said Kate Weaver, a mother of three teens.  “I do not let them tan and I never would.”

But Palm Beach Tan, with several locations in Charlotte, is sending local customers an email asking them to sign a petition against the bill.

Charlotte Weaver, 17, doesn’t tan but says lots of her friends at South Meck High School would probably not be thrilled if the bill passed.  She though, is happy without a golden glow.

“I’ve always been white.  When I try to tan I end up burning.  It just messes up my skin,” she said.

The bill is stuck in committee right now but could come back up in the next session.  Palm Beach Tan refused to comment.

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