Heading South This Spring Break? – Take along sunblock and sun protective clothing!

The sun in Florida and the Caribbean can be quite strong particularly when combined with long exposure and reflection off sand and water. Don’t let a sunburn ruin your break!

  • Apply broad spectrum sunblock at least 15 minutes before sun exposure
    • Apply generously – one ounce (shot glass full) per application for adults
    • Re-apply every two hours or after swimming or excessive perspiration
    • Be sure to cover nose, ears, shoulders, feet, and lips
    • Remember that many surfaces like sand and snow reflect UV rays and can shorten the time period until skin damage occurs.
    • CSL favorite is Sun Smart by Applied Therapeutics with 7% zinc and waterproof – it is so popular we ran out last spring break –gasp!
  • Seek shade – use umbrellas on the beach
  • Avoid sun during peak hours
  • Wear hat and look into sun protective clothing  – Coolibar and Athleta are some of my favorites!

Protect your skin for a safe and fun trip!

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