By one of our patients, Allison

I have been using the Elta AM and Elta PM moisturizer for about 2 months and simply wouldn’t want to live (or be seen in public) without it!

I have always tried to be frugal with products and have traditionally used over the counter name brand moisturizers. Until I was first introduced to Elta Am & PM by trying a sample and I really liked the results. The difference of my skin’s feel and appearance was noticeable within a few days; it was smoother, fresh looking, and makeup looked better with Elta as a foundation.  Sadly, the sample ran out and so I went back to using the over the counter brand, thinking it would be fine;  and that’s when I could really tell the difference…my skin felt tight, dry and in constant need of moisture.  So I bought the Elta AM & PM and will NOT stray from it again! The price truly is not that much higher, especially when I consider the amount needed for each application vs. the OTC; and the results are absolutely worth it.

I also now use the Elta tinted moisturizer with SPF 41 in Medium tone. We all know we need SPF every day (rain or shine) and it is nice and smooth with just a light tint of color to even out my skins tone. It goes on nicely over the Elta AM moisturizer and eliminates the need for a powder or liquid foundation. Sometimes all I wear is Elta and mascara and I feel like I can be seen in public!

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