Coolsculpting by Zeltiq is a new, non-invasive method for removing unwanted fat in areas such as the abdomen, hips, love handles, and back fat. Below Dr. Rostan gives a personal account of her treatment with Coolsculpting. Read no further if you thought Dr. Rostan had no areas of unwanted fat….

I stay in shape and watch my weight (often watch it go up and down!) but I have always had a roll of fat on my lower abdomen. Nothing major but with the advent of low rise jeans and especially skinny jeans, this small area would often be accentuated and stick out. In the summer when wearing a swimsuit, I didn’t mind the roll so much when I was standing but when I sat down in a lounge chair (in the shade of course), the roll seemed huge and I would try to hide it with a towel or magazine! I had decided that this area – while a problem – was not enough for liposuction (besides I can’t do lipo on myself). I had long wanted Coolsculpting on this area because it is non-invasive, and at the meetings and in the journals, Coolsculpting by Zeltiq seemed to give the best results in certain areas of unwanted fat.

So, when we got the Coolsculpting device at Charlotte Skin & Laser, let me assure you that I was the first one in line to get a treatment! We used the large treatment handpiece to best target the unwanted fat on my lower abdomen, below the belly button. When the device was first applied and activated, I felt a lot of pressure as it sucked the area up into the handpiece. This part was the most uncomfortable. Then the area got really cold during the next 10 minutes. After that there was only mild discomfort and this treatment applicator was left in place for 1 hour. At the end of the procedure the cold area was massaged and then it gradually thawed. This felt a bit like your fingers thawing after you’ve been out in the cold.

I was very sore in the treated area for several days and did not jog for about a week, although immediately after the treatment I worked and did all the other normal daily activities, and after 2 days I did other exercise that wasn’t jogging. By sore, what I mean is a little sore like you did a lot of sit ups but also very sore to the touch and I did not want my puppy Scooter jumping on my lap. After about a week all of this was gone. My soreness was unusual and only small portion of patients get this reaction and it occurs most commonly on the abdomen. Since this treatment I have had one hip and one love handle/flank treated both with absolutely no discomfort at all (I took a nap) and no soreness after – only a little mild numbness and tingling for a few days.

The results on my lower abdomen are awesome! I have no pinch of fat – none, nada, zilch! Even after all the Christmas junk I ate! If I could only treat every body area with this thing! The results are not expected to show up till 2-4 months after the treatment; however, on my abdomen I started seeing results at about 3 weeks. I am absolutely thrilled with the results. The results on my hip are just starting to show up (and the Christmas holiday did not help matters!) and we just treated my right flank about 2 weeks ago so definitely too early for that. Sadly, I don’t think I can fit my outer thigh into the treatment applicator – but I am going to try Excilis for my thighs – I will keep you posted!

Want to know more? Join us on Thursday, January 12 5-7pm; Thursday, January 19 11am-1pm; or Thursday, January 26, 5-7pm to learn more! We’ll be doing demonstrations, serving food and drinks, and answering all your questions! Call 704.333.9113 to RSVP!

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