I have always had to wear antiperspirant/deodorant. Always.

When getting dressed in the morning I have to think about what I am doing that day, what is the weather like out, etc.  If I have a busy day, a stressful day or it is really hot out; I know I need to wear black or a dark color.  I know that I can’t wear my really cute blue silk dress.  Why? Because I will sweat and have the most embarrassing underarm marks.  It doesn’t matter what kind of deodorant (believe me, I’ve tried them all) or how calm and still I try to be.  It will just happen.

But at last, there is a new procedure that gives me hope.  MiraDry is a new, non-invasive, no downtime procedure that gets rid of underarm sweat.  Now I don’t have to worry when I want to wear my blue silk dress, I don’t have to think twice in the summer about my outfits.  Girls, you know what I’m talking about.  You can wear those silk blouses every day.  You can throw on the little black dress without a second thought to your deodorant getting all over it.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to change because I can’t get the white deodorant marks off my dress.  (I’ve even tried the LBD Approved and it is not true!)

Below is a picture of Dr. Rostan before a holiday party.  She put on her LBD and realized she needed her deodorant.  Not wanting those messy white marks, she had to tuck Kleenex into her dress while she applied and let it dry.


MiraDry is going to be a life changer for so many.  Charlotte Skin & Laser is offering complimentary consults for this procedure now, so call and make an appointment.

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