Friday afternoon we had the pleasure of having our Glo Minerals rep Allison stop by! She came in to share some great make up tips with our staff.

I always knew I liked Glo Minerals…much better than other mineral make up I had tried.  I knew it had better coverage, stayed on longer, and is easy to use. But after that afternoon I am officially in LOVE with Glo Minerals make up!  I’m serious!

Not only does it look good and feel good, it is good for your skin! No more break outs from make up, clogged pores, etc.  The reasons that Glo Minerals is so great go on and on.  Here are just a few:

  • pharmaceutical-grade ingredients
  • Vitamins A, C & E
  • Green tea
  • UV protection
  • Talc free (Talc is a filler/bulking agent in the majorities of make-up.   It clogs pores and suffocates the skin which can lead to acne, exacerbate rosacea and other undesirable skin conditions.)

I think all of us that were there will agree that we were seriously impressed.  And the best part (that I liked so much!) was that it didn’t just look good because a really good make-up artist put it on.  We put it on each other! Any time I go to a make-up counter at the mall I feel like the make-up looks great and I can never recreate the look.  This time we all did it to ourselves/each other.  So I know I can do it to myself–I know that it doesn’t just look good because someone experienced with make-up applied it.

So what did I use that I loved so much??

  • Sheer Tint Illuminator (we are currently out of stock, but getting more in!)
  • Sheer Tint (golden-medium)
  • Bronzer (sunkiss)
  • Shimmer brick (gleam)
  • Mascara (black, volumizing)
  • Eye shadow (sand stone)
  • Moist Hydration Mist

The tips Allison taught us were helpful and wonderful! And we can’t WAIT to share them with you!! Please come by and ask anyone of us for help! You can also call and make an appointment if you like.  We’d love to help you fall in love with glo minerals like we did!


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