Dr. Rostan has been looking for a machine that can really tighten the skin and specifically help women with loose skin on their arms. Well, she has found it in Exilis!

Exilis is non-invasive, radiofrequency technology. It doesn’t hurt; there is no downtime, and there are no side effects.  During the treatment you feel a warm sensation as the hand piece is moved over your skin. There is slight pressure- but nothing painful – like a firm massage.

I personally have had Exilis on my lower face, specifically my under chin area. No matter how much weight I lost (or even gained) I’ve always had this little pocket of fat under my chin that makes me look like I have a double chin.  It worked great at defining my jaw line and working towards getting rid of that double chin! I am so glad I got the opportunity to try it and will definitely continue treatments! And the best part- it didn’t hurt! It felt great, it was very relaxing laying down with the warm heat going over my chin.

It is the ideal treatment for anyone who wants tighter skin on their mid-lower face or neck.  It also works great in conjunction with Botox to help wrinkles around the eye area.

Women who have had babies and lost the weight, but have loose skin- this is for you. Exilis can tighten your loose skin and visibly reduce wrinkles on your stomach.

Four to six treatments are needed every two weeks to see the best results. And you can always get more treatments! There is no limit. Any body part can be treated!

I encourage you to call today and see if Exilis is right for you!

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