Sun protection for your skin is much more than just using a sun block lotion. Sun protection should also include sun protective clothing and hats, seeking shade and avoiding sun during the peak hours of the day. I often get crazy looks when I suggest wearing long sleeves in the sun but there are great options out there.

I have been telling my patients about one of my new favorite sun protective shirts – the EIS Elements Performance Cool Shirt. I like this shirt so much that I recently purchased 3 more of them from The Tack Room in Camden which is a horse and horse sports supply store. These shirts are made for the equestrian but I find them wonderful not just for horseback riding but also for other outdoor activities like walks and golf. They are made of a very lightweight material that provides SPF 50 while actually reducing the body temperature. These shirts have mesh on the inside of the sleeve from the wrist to underarm which is like built-in air condition. AND – they really fit well and look great – no kidding. I LOVE THESE SHIRTS!!! And those who know me know that they have to look good or I am not wearing them.

No, I do not work for the company (and yes I paid for all my shirts). I have the stand up collar but there is also a polo collar available. This icefil® fabric is found in other brands – I have found an icefil® sleeve for triathalon training, Kerrits (another equestrian apparel company Kerrits – carrots – cute right?) has shirts, and I found more riding shirts – Extreme icefil® shirt and Cool Blast. Yes, horseback riding can be quite the sweat fest with all the gear on – boots, helmet, tights, show jacket – plus you mostly ride in the sun hence so many of these shirts in the equestrian apparel field.

Bette and Court a golfing apparel company has polo colar shirts with icefil® and Ex-Officio* has Sol Cool line with icefil®. Give this shirt a try this summer during all those fun times outside walking, biking, hiking, golfing, playing tennis and so on. Check them out at Let me know how you like them!

*(unrelated to sun protective clothing, I am notoriously cold-intolerant and Ex-officio has the best comfy warm tops called Women’s Irresistible Neska™ which are the softest, warmest, plushest, self-indulgent sweaters – remember this next winter – mine went on every night after work this past winter – they are more cuddly than even Scooter!)

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