Tips on how to choose makeup that will calm, and not irritate, sensitive, rosacea or acne prone skin.

1) Choose powder when possible.

Powders are great to reduce shine and can easily be touched up with a compact that is easily carried in your purse. Importantly, powders have very few preservatives and contain minimal ingredients so there are fewer things that can cause irritation or allergy. Glo powder looks great on top of EltaMD tinted sunblock for easy, light, great looking coverage.

2) Avoid waterproof cosmetics.

Waterproof cosmetics, such as mascara, require a solvent to remove them that can cause irritation in sensitive skin.

3) Throw out old cosmetics.

Old cosmetics can become contaminated and can cause problems especially in the sensitive eye area. Keep an index card in your makeup drawer and log date of new makeup. Here’s some standard product life spans include: one year for foundation and lipstick; three-to-four months for mascara; and two years for powder and shadows.

4) Wash make-up brushes and sponges regularly since they can harbor dirt and germs that will aggravate sensitive skin.

5) Use black or dark colored eyeliner and mascara products.

Black is the least allergenic of all colors.

6) Stick to earth-toned eye shadows.

Lighter earth tones, such as tan, cream, white or beige, seem to cause less upper-eyelid irritation in women with sensitive or itchy eyes. Avoid colors like blue or purple.

7) Use pencil or powder eyeliner and eyebrow fillers.

Liquid products may contain latex and other potentially allergenic or irritating ingredients. Pencil or powder is also more easily removed without traumatizing the skin.

8 ) Check sunscreen ingredients.

Zinc or titanium containing sun blocks are recommended for sensitive or rosacea prone skin. These are non-irritating and zinc can be calming to the skin. Also, chemical sunscreens work by absorbing UV rays which can convert to heat and a burning sensation. Zinc and titanium block and reflect UV rays. EltaMD UV Physical contains 9% zinc and 7% titanium and is lightly tinted for light coverage. Also EltaMD UV Clear contains niacinamide which is anti-inflammatory and calming for sensitive or blemish prone skin.

9) Use products that contain no more than 10 ingredients.

The fewer ingredients in a product, the less likely it is that the product will cause a problem.

10) Avoid nail polishes.

Polish can be transferred to a person’s eyes and face and can cause irritant or allergic rashes.

11) Use foundations based on silicone.

While powder is preferred to protect sensitive skin, if more coverage is desired (reserve for special occasions), choose a foundation made with silicone which has a very low incidence of skin irritation.

12) Don’t buy the cheapest product

More expensive makeup products have finer and more consistent particle size which is less irritating.

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