Truth time: I probably don’t clean my make up brushes as often as I should! And by probably, I mean I definitely don’t!

You clean your face, so if you think about it, it makes sense to clean your brushes.  You are putting them on your face EVERY day! You are loading them up with powders, creams, liquids, etc.  When I think about it, it makes me cringe and want to run home right now and clean my brushes (or buy all new ones and start overJ).  Not only do they need to be washed for cleanliness, but also to keep them in good shape.  You need to remove the old makeup, dirt, bacteria, oil, etc from them. Yuck!

Cleaning your brushes will make your skin thank you.  For those of you with sensitive skin- when your brushes are clean they will be much softer.  If you have acne, your skin will truly benefit from keeping your foundation brushes clean.  You probably don’t even realize how many germs you are putting on your face each day!

How to clean your brushes:

1) First, you want to wet the hairs under the faucet with warm water with the hairs pointing downwards – this will help prevent any water getting in to the metal part or down in to the handle.

2) Use a mild shampoo or soap.  Baby shampoo works great! Squirt a little soap on your fingers and apply it to the hairs from end down to hair tips. Gently squeeze the hairs from end to hair tips over and over adding a little water at a time.  Rinse and repeat until the water runs clear.  Make sure when you are rinsing to keep the brush hairs pointing down.

3) Brush them off a little on a clean paper towel and lay them to dry on their side on a paper towel or a regular towel. It is also a good idea to reshape any brushes that need it at this time. Lay brushes on their side.  Let brushes dry completely before using.

In a hurry?

Try a professional brush cleanser, like Glo Minerals Brush Cleaner ($12.50).  Simply spray brush cleaner onto your brush and wipe with a tissue.

Brushes done for?

Did you wait too long to clean your brushes? Stop by and we’ll help you pick out some new brushes! We have a wide variety of brushes from Glo Minerals.


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