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Ok product junkies, let’s talk about a product that I cannot live without in the mornings because it is a 1 step complete anti-aging product.  Thanks to my two 18 week old puppies who are currently sitting on my lap, making this difficult to write, my mornings are quite chaotic and the less steps I have to do for my skin in the morning, the happier and more consistent I know I will be.  Neocutis has developed a product called JOURNEE which is a 4-in-1 product that is advertised as a “1 minute complete anti-aging treatment.”  That advertisement alone had me dying to try it because I am such a sucker for simplicity.

The one ingredient in JOURNEE that has me super excited is growth factors.  What are growth factors you ask?  Growth factors are proteins that are produced by cells in your skin naturally.  These proteins are responsible for protecting and supporting proper functioning within the layers of your skin.  Thanks to modern science growth factors are now found in numerous skin care products with JOURNEE just being one of them.  I’m guessing you are now curious to know what growth factors will do for your skin.  As we age, our skin cells tend to divide and renew at a slower rate causing the skin to become thinner and our collagen production to decrease.  Growth factors promote healthy tissue repair and renewal, encouraging the formation of new collagen and elastin.  These factors also combine with other proteins to heal injuries making it a good choice ingredient to use after cosmetic procedures such as laser treatments and chemical peels as well.  This is one ingredient that everyone who wants to look younger or preserve their youth needs to have in their skincare routine and JOURNEE makes that simple for you by having other necessary ingredients added in with it as well.

One of the most important factors of a daily moisturizer is that it actually has to moisturize your skin right?  It is pointless to have a moisturizer that just sits on your skin without actually leaving your skin feeling moisturized for more than five minutes like so many creams out there do.  JOURNEE uses hyaluronic acid which is a substance our body produces naturally, binds moisture to the skin and is capable of holding 1,000 times its weight in water.  Sounds pretty moisturizing to me! Glycerin is another moisturizing ingredient found in JOURNEE.  Glycerin is one of the many substances found in your skin that maintains the outer barrier and prevents dryness and scaling.  Hydrated, supple skin coming right up!

Antioxidants are ingredients that I am sure all of you have heard of considering every product company out there raves about them so of course JOURNEE is not behind on that.  JOURNEE contains polyphenol green teas (keep in mind that green tea is a great anti-inflammatory too) along with vitamins C and E to fight off free radicals and daily environmental assaults.  Antioxidants are also able to protect your skin from sun damage from the inside out by protecting your cells from damage and can also inhibiting melanin production which means less brown spots and freckles for all of us, need I say more?

Just because JOURNEE is loaded with antioxidants does not mean that you do not need a sunblock because you absolutely do!  Sunblock is one of if not the most important creams you need to apply to your face daily, and yes reapplication is necessary as well considering they are only effective for a few hours tops and are not all water or sweat resistant.  JOURNEE includes a 7.5% zinc oxide SPF protection.  Zinc Oxide is a mineral sun block that protects from both harmful UVA and UVB rays and will not absorb into the skin.  Zinc Oxide is also known to be non-irritating and hypoallergenic considering that it is not a chemical.  JOURNEE is also not heavy or greasy at all like most creams containing Zinc, it is light-weight, flesh toned and absorbs so quickly into my skin in the morning that I can apply my makeup immediately afterwards with no problems…yep, that is just one more of the many reasons to love this product!

So after many paragraphs of me ranting about all of the wonderful anti-aging ingredients in this one step product I know all of you are dying to try it out so please come see me at Charlotte Skin & Laser and I would love to help you share the addiction with me…seriously, what are you waiting for?



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