Dry, cold, windy weather, indoor heat, frequent hand washing or hands in water – even warming your hands by the fire – can all add up to very dry hands. Severe dryness can lead to painful cracks and fissures and even skin rashes. Hands require special attention especially when any of the above factors are Read More →

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Lip cosmetics have been used since ancient times – Eyptians, Greeks,  and Romans all used lip adornments. The push up lipstick found in every womans’s purse was invented in the 1920’s. Since the 1990s, lip augmentation with fillers has been a very popular treatment, and now Restylane is FDA approved for lip augmentation. We thought Read More →

Cosmetics have been used to enhance the beauty and intrigue of the eye since the ancient Egyptians applied charcoal and kohl to darken their lashes and eyelids. Modern cosmetics offer women easy and convenient ways to enhance the beauty of their eyes. Mascara: Almost all mascaras today are liquid formulations in a bottle into which Read More →