I have just returned from a trip to southwest France (midi- Pyrenees) to visit Pierre Fabre skin care company and research facilities including the source of the Avene products – a village called Avene, France.  All Avene products have high concentrations of the Avene thermal spring water – known for its healing properties for the skin since Read More →

In general, the food you eat is not thought to make acne worse or better, but a recent report questions the role of chocolate in worsening acne – specifically chocolate made of 100% cacao. Previous studies have not shown a link between acne and chocolate, but these negative studies were conducted with chocolate candy, which Read More →

Vitamin D and Calcium supplementation may reduce risk of melanoma in women with history of skin cancer. In an abstract presented at the American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting in February, researchers reported findings of decreased risk of melanoma in women with history of basal cell or squamous cell cancer of the skin if they Read More →

So you have been diligent about using your acne creams but are still having significant breakouts – what next? Often additional measures are needed to get the best results. Acne facials are not just a luxury – they are frequently essential to clear clogged pores or blackheads known medically as comedomes. Chemical peels can penetrate Read More →

Heading South This Spring Break? – Take along sunblock and sun protective clothing! The sun in Florida and the Caribbean can be quite strong particularly when combined with long exposure and reflection off sand and water. Don’t let a sunburn ruin your break! Apply broad spectrum sunblock at least 15 minutes before sun exposure Apply Read More →

Hitting the Slopes this Spring Break? – Don’t forget the sunblock and moisturizer! Outdoor winter sports can be problematic for your skin from both cold and wind exposure as well as UV exposure from the sun. A broad spectrum sunblock is needed even on a cloudy day in the winter. The higher altitude and reflection Read More →

A Glass of Red Wine a Day to Keep the Doctor Away? Well maybe not, but many studies have shown the health and skin benefits of drinking wine – red wine in particular. I am thinking of this subject as I unload cases of wine from a recent trip to Napa and Sonoma, California. My Read More →